Thursday, September 14, 2017

Look How Village Sports Club Redefined Leisure and Wellness

8:00 PM
The Village Sports Club in BF Homes Paranaque
Village Sports Club in BF Homes Paranaque
Tucked in what we call the food haven of South is a sanctuary of pure relaxation and rejuvenation: Village Sports Club. Located in El Grande corner Tropical Avenue of BF Homes Paranaque,Village Sports Club is a sports and leisure paradise that will surely provide relief from all the city stress!
Tempus Sports Lounge
Tempus Sports Lounge
In this article, we'll provide you a unique glimpse of some of the facilities you'll come across here in Village Sports Club including the Tempus Sports Lounge, Zenith Wellness Gym, Zenith Wellness Spa, other sports facilities, the pool area and Meridian Restaurant.

Tempus Sports Lounge
Tempus Sports Lounge is where you can find a multitude of indoor activities. It's where you can enjoy a game of billiards, air hockey and bowling. You can even hold a private viewing of your favorite sports game through its huge TV projector.
Interior of Tempus Sports Lounge
Interior of Tempus Sports Lounge
Tempus Sports Lounge - NBA Games
Watching NBA games is more epic with the huge TV projector
Interestingly, Tempus Sports Lounge is more than a sports lounge. You'll find different karaoke rooms where you can unleash your singing prowess. In short, this place is an ultimate Entertainment Lounge!
Air Hockey in Tempus Sports Lounge
Air Hockey in Tempus Sports Lounge
Bowling Alley inside Tempus Sports Lounge
Bowling Alley inside Tempus Sports Lounge
Spacious interior of the bowling area - Tempus Sports Lounge
Spacious interior of the bowling area
Bowler's point of view - Tempus Sports Lounge
Bowler's point of view

Zenith Wellness Gym
If you are looking for more intense physical activities, why not try the club's plethora of equipment here in Zenith Wellness Gym? Not only are they modern, but also complete and very motivating to use. Don't forget to check the ambiance, it will surely enable you to push yourself to your limits!

Zennith Wellness Gym - time to gain some muscles!
Zenith Wellness Gym - time to gain some muscles!
Modern gym equipment at the Zennith Wellness Gym
Modern gym equipment at the Zenith Wellness Gym
If you feel all sore from the lifting, you can stop by the spa and have yourself rejuvenated with different massages available. You'll definitely feel all relaxed just by the comforting and peaceful aura of the spa rooms.
Lose all your worries in Zennith Wellness Spa
Lose all your worries in Zenith Wellness Spa

Other Sports Facilities
If you think gym is not much suitable for you, you can try other enjoyable sports here in Village Sports Club. Take your tennis rackets and get smashing in one of the spacious courts here.

Tennis courts in Village Sports Club
Alternatively, you can opt to play badminton instead if you find tennis too strenuous.

Badminton courts - The Village Sports Club
Badminton courts -- perfect for your smashing skills!
Feeling sporty with the entire gang? Well, Village Sports Club got you all covered. They have a volleyball and basketball courts ready.
Volleyball Court of The Village Sports Club
Volleyball Court for a ball-tastic group fun!
Basketball Court of The Village Sports Club
Basketball Court of  Village Sports Club
There's a wide range of sports the sports club can cater. Name it, and you'll find it!

The Pool Area
The pools of Village Sports Club are very inviting with its resort-like ambiance. It's perfect for those who just want to beat the heat as well as for those who swim as a form of exercise.
Pool area of The Village Sports Club
Pool area of Village Sports Club
Families with kids will also enjoy the kiddie pool made more fun with the colorful slides.
Kiddie pool of The Village Sports Club
Kiddie pool of  Village Sports Club
Lapping Pool of The Village Sports Club
Lap pool for those practicing for competitions

Meridian Restaurant
At the end of it all, you may want to just sit back and enjoy great food. That's possible here in Meridian Restaurant of Village Sports Club.
Meridian Restaurant of The Village Sports Club
Meridian Restaurant of  Village Sports Club
The interior has this classy comfort perfect for relieving you of all the worries and stress as you enjoy wide range of food options. You can have a fresh serving of salad, pasta, rice dishes, sushi and more.
Interior of Meridian Restaurant
Interior of Meridian Restaurant
Now, if you are a fan of breakfast dishes, you'll surely love this bacon wrapped eggs. Visually stunning and gastronomically exciting! 
Bacon-wrapped Eggs of Meridian Restaurant
Bacon-wrapped Eggs of Meridian Restaurant
Nothing beats a happy tummy to end the day. We hoped you enjoyed the virtual tour of Village Sports Club. It's indeed a perfect getaway within the city for all yuppies and others alike. The place is definitely SY-approved!
Membership Inquiries Desk in The Village Sports Club
Membership Inquiries Desk in Village Sports Club
Our favorite

We really liked the exclusivity feel of Village Sports Club, especially the moment we stepped inside their tranquil lobby. You'll definitely feel the different aura of the club; luxurious and relaxing. But if we were asked about our most memorable experience in Village Sports Club, we'll choose Tempus Sports Lounge. It had a vibrant yet classy feel, making it very appealing to young professionals. The facilities in Tempus Sports Lounge were nice and we're hoping for more features and activities in the future. Nevertheless, we had a fun and memorable experience trying their facilities, especially the bowling!

Village Sports Club is a members-only facility so if you're interested, call 822-1000 local 239 and check out their exclusive luxury!

Your opinion is important to us! Make sure to comment below.
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fat Butchik's Roofdeck & Foodpark: Call For Vendor Applicants

6:34 PM
Artistic Representation of Fat Butchiks Roofdeck & Foodpark
A Tight-Knit Roofdeck Community
Fat Butchik's is excited to announce our new development and foray into the food industry. The FAT BUTCHIK'S ROOFDECK & FOODPARK is positioned to provide a convenient working space and outlet for entrepreneurs with viable food concepts and minimal capital. Combined with a plug and play development, business owners can spend less time on logisitics and more time to focus on your craft and innovation of your concept.
Artistic Representation of Fat Butchiks Roofdeck & Foodpark
Call For Entreprenuers: Easy Set-Up
With only five limited available slots, vendors have a higher chance of capturing their own market share and retaining their own segments when it comes to their concepts. The foodpark with the help of each vendor will share a sales tracking program to slowly analyze a week by week sales comparison for profit/loss decline, provide real time remedies and if needed, rebates. The goal is to create a community built business with a lively and vibrant market base.

It's is the perfect opportunity for aspiring or newbie entrepreneurs as a capital of only a little more than a minimum monthly wage is needed. Another advantage is that the headaches of business permits will not have to be dealt with as vendors can piggy-back under the Fat Butchik's business permits.
Artistic Representation of Fat Butchiks Roofdeck & Foodpark
Vendor Cohesion
At the end of the day, the business is to create great ambiance and aesthetic, non-competing vendors with symbiotic business products, great food, warm atmosphere and a solid community of clients.

For more information for applicants you can contact: Butchik Adiviso 0906 414 5254

Friday, April 21, 2017

5 Things I Learned When I Started Working

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After high school, most of us go to college for a piece of paper that most big companies require before they hire. At least that's what our parents told us. Get a degree, find a job. 

Having to spend a year and a month in a huge multinational company, I learned that life is not as easy as you see it in the movies. There's no easy money, especially when you're just starting. Well, that's what most Millennials expect, am I right? Who doesn't want a high paying job the moment you step out of university? Sadly. not everyone gets that kind of luck (and connections). So let me share with you 5 things I learned when I started working.

Ayala Ave. Photo from Wikipedia.

1. It's okay to have close friends at work

As you might have heard from your other friends or family, having a close relationship with your colleagues is a don't. Well, I'm here to tell that you should--especially if it's one of the only things that's keeping you motivated to stay.

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One of my managers used to say that there are four things you should consider before you resign. Money, workload, boss, and friends.

2. Being financially independent is almost impossible

Most of us think that being independent after college is like living the yuppie dream. Wrong. Being independent while earning a little above minimum wage is barely the "yuppie dream". Some have it easier with their parents paying for rent, etc. But there are hundreds out there who are barely making ends meet.

Throwback to the times when you don't have to think about bills and expenses. Sadly, we all have to move on and face this harsh reality we call life.

3. Quitting your job asap is probably not the best choice

I think we're all aware of what Millennials are in the work place: a bunch of job-hopping, entitled crybabies that can't even stay put in a firm for a year. Don't get me wrong, I've been in the same 'let's look for another job' boat because of reasons. I guess almost everyone talks about this once or twice (and by once or twice I mean maybe a couple of hundred times).

But who doesn't want the idea of a high paying job in a new environment where you can have a fresh start? While job-hopping may seem to be today's trend, gathering solid foundation and enough experience in a single company for a year or two doesn't sound like a bad idea at all. It's not rocket science, my friends. As my mother used to tell me, resign now and stay as an associate forever.

4. Traveling is a luxury

Although a piso-fare flight to Siargao sounds good and almost too good to be true, what comes after that is the real problem. You have to think of your accommodation, food, activities, and other expenses. Sure there are millions of articles out there that proves this otherwise, but let's face it. Traveling is, and will be, a luxury. It's just something not everyone can afford.

I'm not saying that you should stop traveling. Traveling is one of the best experiences I've made, and one of the most rewarding things I've done. But before clicking that 'book now' button, think carefully about how you'll budget, save, and spend your money. Check your liquidity. Can you pay for your credit card? Do you have enough money in your savings account? Or should you be even touching you savings? But if you have the money for that one week trip to Hong Kong, be my guest! Although, if you go broke, don't tell me I didn't warn you!

5. But these are all part of life that everyone will and had experienced

Sure you're barely saving money, commute to and from the South, bring baon everyday just to join that trip to Batangas, and all these tipid things you're doing because of what you found on the internet. But one day, you'll look back and laugh at your broke self and thank them; they made you become the person you are now.

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Always stick to your goals and never give up. But don't overwork yourself just because of this. It's still nice to travel occasionally, drink beers on a Friday night, have overnights in a friend's condo and watch horror movies, play badminton late night with your officemates and question yourselves after why you guys did it. It's not wrong to have fun after all!

How's your experience as a yuppie so far? Tell us below!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

9 Instagram Accounts by Filipinos for your Inner Foodie to Follow

5:30 PM

Instagram feeds aren't complete without the food posts. For some, it may be annoying to see these photos of meals that are so vividly appealing as they make them hungry. For us, food shots on Instagram are so enjoyable and every time we see a great food shot, we instantly follow the account. We'd like to share them some with you and so here are some of our favorite Filipino foodies to follow.

1. @forkintheair
This might be our favorite Instagram foodie account. Whenever a post appears by @forkintheair we are still amazed at his concept of taking food shots. Here's where you can see what a mouthful looks like. This amazing concept definitely deserves a like and will add uniqueness to your IG feed.
A post shared by Fork In The Air (@forkintheair) on
2. @masarapba
Masarapba is an unconventional but unique food account because they add texts to their post right on the image itself. We became instant fans because of how straightforward they are. Meals are described with "Masarap" or "Hindi Masarap" and we love it when they add extra words to it like "Sobrang Sarap". It's simple, yet it actually perfectly gives you a direct idea of how the food is.
A post shared by Masarap nga ba? (@masarapba) on

3. @southsidefoodie
It's hard to pinpoint what type of cuisine @southsidefoodie is into with how diverse her feed is. Maybe she simply loves to take snaps of whatever she eats. One things for sure, we envy what she eats but we're glad she shares it with us. Follow her now!

A post shared by HAL Eats (@southsidefoodie) on

4. @anotsopopularkid
Renz, the owner of the food blog shares his food posts through Instagram but do visit his blog for the full adventure! He perfectly describes what he eats while giving you a complete experience of a restaurant or a meal. Definitely one to watch out for.

5. @erwanheusaff
Erwan, a chef but definitely also a foodie is not an exclusive food account yet we included him here as his food posts are a sight to see. Do check out his Youtube channel and watch his Overnight series as he visits a city overnight and let's you know what to do and most importantly where to eat.

6. @pickiesteater
Here's one for the carnivores! Richie Zamora, one of the most popular food bloggers in the country definitely has an interesting IG handle, he's picky but maybe he just loves great food. Check out the meats in his well captured stills.
A post shared by RichieZ (@pickiesteater) on

7. @yedylicious
Here's a food stylist. You know, those that capture food shots that are used in collaterals? If you're looking for food made into art, do follow @yedylicous and bring color to your IG feed.

A post shared by Yedy Calaguas (@yedylicious) on

8. @tenthousandthspoon
If you're looking for just food shots and food shots alone, follow @tenthousandthspoon. The quality of the food photos are so clear it can be a painting! The amazing flatlay found here deserve an instant follow.
A post shared by @tenthousandthspoon on

9. @chubbyperohappy
We just love what @chubbyperohappy is and how it all hits us. The description in his profile, "Life is to short to be skinny", perfectly encapsulates what our life motto should all be!
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There you have it, 9 of our favorite foodie accounts by Filipinos!

Hope you liked the article and do follow our Instagram page as well @southyuppies

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Ola: Serving Happiness With Home-baked Cakes, Cupcakes and Cookies

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A post shared by Ola (@olacupcakes) on

For those who loved to bake as a child, your creations always brought you delight. Ola Cupcakes will remind you of just that. It's a small open kitchen in BF Homes specializing in baking delicious home-baked cakes, cupcakes and cookies made just the way you want it.
The front door of Ola with a cartoon interpretation of Pao Espina
How Ola started
The young lady behind it all is Pao Espina, who just like many of us, loved to bake when she was a child. She started baking as a hobby when she was just 9 years old as she mustered up old cookbooks to make cupcakes from scratch! From making use of just a pan steamer, her hobby turned serious when her Mom got her an oven, from there on, no one could stop her growing passion to learn more about baking. 
Ola HQ in El Grande Street, BF Homes
Ola HQ was born
As Pao continued baking and after years of practice and perfecting of flavors, she started to officially sell her creations three years ago. Orders piled up and she wanted to get more serious, seeing the demand of her baked goods, she needed a place to expand so she can bake all-day distraction free. 

Viola! the Ola Cupcakes HQ was born late 2016. Initially starting as an open kitchen to fulfill orders, Ola is now an open kitchen where people can see the baking happen before their eyes. It's such a comforting place to stay that they added a mini restaurant feel to it as they serve pastas and coffee as well.
Ola's specialties: Cakes, cookies and cupcakes
Home-baked goodness
Ola's aim is to put a smile on our every customers face through their sweet-inducing cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. What comes out of their open kitchen set-up are baked goods made from premium ingredients and everything is assured to be "siksik", so you don't feel cheated.

Cakes - They love to bake cakes and they can fulfill orders in any size and design. Their bestseller is the moist chocolate cake and specialize in buttercream cakes.

Cupcakes - For their cupcakes, they specialize in Black Forest, Blueberry, Red Velvet and Carrot flavors. We tried out the Black Forest and the first thing we noticed was how aromatic it was! It was really tasty with flavors staying in your mouth making you want more!

Cookies - For their cookies, the specialities are the inverted choco chip and the macadamia cookies. We took home some and the texture is just like it was fresh from the oven. It's hard to find these kinds of cookies anymore and we are very happy we now know where to get them.

All cakes, cookies and cupcakes are made from scratch and very tasty. Baking with passion and experience goes a long way and shows in their goods. You can't go wrong with the baked goods at Ola as they feel homey and are always perfectly baked.
The different cookies available at Ola

Black Forest Cupcake at Ola

Carbonara at Ola 
Pasta, Sandwiches, Coffee and More!
Even if baked goods are the specialty at Ola, don't look over their delicious cooked meals and brewed beverages!

Their specialty pastas include creamy Carbonara and Lasagna with yummy spinach. Sandwiches are also a good option as they serve their own version of a clubhouse and a tomato and egg sandwich. To pair with their meals, they brew their own teas and coffees!

Everything served in Ola has this certain feel to it which is hard to point out, you just have to experience it yourself. Lastly, these meal items are only available at the HQ. Dropping by is a good way to unwind with their free-WiFi and cool breezes from their air-con.
Product shots at Ola
Visit them now!
Ola is all about happiness in their home-baked goodness. 

Ola serves cakes, cupcakes,and cookies for any occasion and they would be very glad to help you make your loved ones happy. Why? Because everyone deserves a sweet day. ;)


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