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5 Things I Learned When I Started Working

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After high school, most of us go to college for a piece of paper that most big companies require before they hire. At least that's what our parents told us. Get a degree, find a job. 

Having to spend a year and a month in a huge multinational company, I learned that life is not as easy as you see it in the movies. There's no easy money, especially when you're just starting. Well, that's what most Millennials expect, am I right? Who doesn't want a high paying job the moment you step out of university? Sadly. not everyone gets that kind of luck (and connections). So let me share with you 5 things I learned when I started working.

Ayala Ave. Photo from Wikipedia.

1. It's okay to have close friends at work

As you might have heard from your other friends or family, having a close relationship with your colleagues is a don't. Well, I'm here to tell that you should--especially if it's one of the only things that's keeping you motivated to stay.

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One of my managers used to say that there are four things you should consider before you resign. Money, workload, boss, and friends.

2. Being financially independent is almost impossible

Most of us think that being independent after college is like living the yuppie dream. Wrong. Being independent while earning a little above minimum wage is barely the "yuppie dream". Some have it easier with their parents paying for rent, etc. But there are hundreds out there who are barely making ends meet.

Throwback to the times when you don't have to think about bills and expenses. Sadly, we all have to move on and face this harsh reality we call life.

3. Quitting your job asap is probably not the best choice

I think we're all aware of what Millennials are in the work place: a bunch of job-hopping, entitled crybabies that can't even stay put in a firm for a year. Don't get me wrong, I've been in the same 'let's look for another job' boat because of reasons. I guess almost everyone talks about this once or twice (and by once or twice I mean maybe a couple of hundred times).

But who doesn't want the idea of a high paying job in a new environment where you can have a fresh start? While job-hopping may seem to be today's trend, gathering solid foundation and enough experience in a single company for a year or two doesn't sound like a bad idea at all. It's not rocket science, my friends. As my mother used to tell me, resign now and stay as an associate forever.

4. Traveling is a luxury

Although a piso-fare flight to Siargao sounds good and almost too good to be true, what comes after that is the real problem. You have to think of your accommodation, food, activities, and other expenses. Sure there are millions of articles out there that proves this otherwise, but let's face it. Traveling is, and will be, a luxury. It's just something not everyone can afford.

I'm not saying that you should stop traveling. Traveling is one of the best experiences I've made, and one of the most rewarding things I've done. But before clicking that 'book now' button, think carefully about how you'll budget, save, and spend your money. Check your liquidity. Can you pay for your credit card? Do you have enough money in your savings account? Or should you be even touching you savings? But if you have the money for that one week trip to Hong Kong, be my guest! Although, if you go broke, don't tell me I didn't warn you!

5. But these are all part of life that everyone will and had experienced

Sure you're barely saving money, commute to and from the South, bring baon everyday just to join that trip to Batangas, and all these tipid things you're doing because of what you found on the internet. But one day, you'll look back and laugh at your broke self and thank them; they made you become the person you are now.

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Always stick to your goals and never give up. But don't overwork yourself just because of this. It's still nice to travel occasionally, drink beers on a Friday night, have overnights in a friend's condo and watch horror movies, play badminton late night with your officemates and question yourselves after why you guys did it. It's not wrong to have fun after all!

How's your experience as a yuppie so far? Tell us below!

Monday, March 27, 2017

7 Underrated Places to Visit This Holy Week

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Holy Week starts on the 9th of April and most of us have already planned a holiday vacation to the beach, a quick family reunion in the province, or just staying inside and praying. But what about those who're itching for an out-of-town getaway but have no idea where to go?

Then why don't you check our 7 underrated places to go this Holy Week!

1. Meteora, Tagaytay

This Santorini inspired private accomodation in Tagaytay will definitely make your holiday memorable. With its blue and white Greek theme, Meteora has been a favorite photoshoot venue for big events such as weddings, birthdays, and debuts. Be sure to have the perfect selfie with the view of Taal Volcano!

2. Eco Saddle Caliraya

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Have the perfect escapade in Eco Saddle's floating cottages in Lake Caliraya! The pure serenity of nature and beauty of Lake Caliraya will surely fill your soul with rejuvenation and tranquility.

3. Hulugan Falls in Laguna

Hulugan Falls will probably be the best waterfalls to see if it's your first time. With its majestic view and refreshing waters, Hulugan Falls looks like something out of a fantasy book. Better see this beauty before tourists find out about it!

4. Basilica of St. Martin de Tours

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Boasting as the largest church in the Philippines and in Asia, Basilica of Saint Martin de Tours is a must-visit for those who are seeking travel and faith during the holidays. Located in Batangas, this historical church is one of the earliest churches that was constructed during the 1800's. What's more fulfilling this holiday than to visit one of the Philippines' record-holding churches?

5. Puzzle Mansion, Tagaytay

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Another interesting place in Tagaytay is Puzzle Mansion. As the world's largest puzzle collection, Puzzle Mansion is definitely a must-visit if you're craving for something new. Although people are already flocking the place, it is best to plan your trip ahead and enjoy the mansion with your friends, family, and loved ones.

6. Bauan, Batangas

Just a few kilometers away from the big city is a beach paradise called Bauan. Located in Batangas, this beach of clear waters and fine sands will surely make your weekend memorable and priceless. Why go to crowded beaches like Boracay when you can enjoy the same crystal clear waters in Bauan?

7. Crosswinds, Tagaytay

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For those who want to experience Switzerland but don't have the time (and budget), you could always go to Tagaytay's Crosswinds. With its Swiss architecture and hundreds of pine trees, Crosswinds will surely satisfy your wanderlust for international trips. Have I mentioned the unique Swiss-inspired CBTL?

Is there somewhere you want to go this Holy Week? Tell us more below! 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Bellini Suites: A Hidden Paradise in the South

7:59 PM
Bellini Suites: a serene paradise tucked at Presidio, Lakefront
Bellini Suites' extravagant pool area
Just a few kilometers away from Makati and NAIA is another hidden gem of the South: Bellini Suites. Located in Presidio, Lakefront, Bellini Suites is a luxurious condo-hotel (condotel) that offers a private escape for yuppies looking for a weekend getaway.

Bellini Suites in Presidio, Lakefront
Bellini Suites in Presidio, Lakefront resembles a peaceful neighborhood
Astounding view from the Bellini Suites
Condominiums in Presidio
We stayed in the two-bedroom suite of Rembrandt, one of the buildings under the Bellini management. Featuring a contemporary room design and warm earth tones, it didn't take long for us to feel at home in the space. The suite also has a full-service kitchen, a dining area, a living room, two bathrooms and two bedrooms.

Dining area and living room of Bellini Suites
Comfortable interiors with refreshing neutral colors
Living room of Bellini Suites
The living area is a great place to sit back and enjoy a flick

Queen Size Bed Bellini Suites
Personal TV in the bedroom with queen size bed
Twin beds in the second bedroom of the suite
Twin beds in the second bedroom of the suite
Queen sized bedroom of the suite in Rembrandt
Queen-sized bed of the suite in Rembrandt
Two bedroom suite in Rembrandt, Bellini Suites
Five star hotel ambiance and comfort in Bellini Suites
Aside from cozy living spaces, Bellini Suites also offers basic amenities that are essential for guests such as a gym and swimming area. The entire compound is also Wi-Fi enabled, which perfectly suits the tech-savvy yuppy lifestyle. While a few areas look worn out, we don't doubt that a few renovations here and there will restore Bellini's former splendor.

*Shuttle service is also available for free within Lakefront's vicinity. Should you wish to go beyond, a rental fee would be required depending on your destination (e.g. P400 going to ATC). 

Gym area in Bellini Suites for active yuppies
Gym area in Bellini Suites for active yuppies
Bellini Suites Swimming Pool Area
The pool area is a great place to unwind and feel the south breeze
Cerulean blue waters of Bellini's mini paradise
Overall, Bellini Suites is a captivating sanctuary that has truly won us over. People looking for a breather without leaving the city can find solace in Bellini's beautiful suitesit will surely lift your spirits and give you the push you need to take on another work week. If you live anywhere near Makati, you'll definitely want to check this place out.

For those who want to know more about Bellini including its rates, you may check out their website here - Bellini Suites

Have you tried staying here in Bellini Suites? What's the best part of your stay? 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Laguna: Every Kid's Dream Destination

8:16 PM
Photos by Splash Island Facebook Page & @dioooosa
Let's face it, when you were a kid on a trip down SLEX you’d always and only recognize Enchanted Kingdom and Splash Island. Those are the two iconic landmarks your little head will turn for on the long trip down South.

Who wouldn't gaze at the huge Ferris Wheel on the left then turning your head to the right to look for Splash Island just to get a glimpse of the slides? Nostalgic? Yes, and we're lucky enough to still have them around today.

Enchanted Kingdom: The Filipino’s Disneyland

Your childhood isn’t complete if you haven’t visited Enchanted Kingdom or more commonly known as EK. Located at Sta. Rosa Laguna, it was every child’s dream to visit the closest thing we had to Disneyland. The theme park opened in 1995 and has since brought smiles to not only children but also to teens and adults, it’s definitely a place for everyone.

You can’t help but think of happy thoughts when you are reminded of EK and always think of the last time you were there. From time to time, it is still worth visiting this exciting place as they always have something new to offer. They have expanded quite a bit from the previous years and added new rides along with their trademark attractions.

Splash Island: The Granddaddy of all pools

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Summer is not complete without swimming to cool off the blazing heat in Splash Island. It was the best destination everyone traveled to every summer vacation.  This sprawling water park located in Binan, Laguna is always crazy full during the months of April and May and a hot spot for team-buildings and company outings.

You’d be so giddy seeing the famous wave pool since Splash Island takes it into another level. As a kid, seeing all those pools, salbabidas, slides and a more pools makes your tiny self crazy hyper. Slides fear you at first, but then it gets addicting and hard to leave at days end. Indeed, summer was never complete without splashing through this amazing amusement park.


Having both been established in the 90’s, these amusement parks have stood the test of time yet we can’t help but question why there haven’t been new crazy parks that followed their suit. Sure there is Star City in Pasay, 8 waves in Bulacan, and Island Cove in Cavite. Nevertheless, both Enchanted Kingdom and Splash Island will always have a special place in our hearts.

What's your best childhood memory in these parks? Share them below! And don't forget to like our page!

Friday, February 3, 2017

10 reasons why living in the South is better than the North

5:54 PM
1. Air is cleaner

You don't have to worry about inhaling those dusty Manila smog. Air in the South is much more cleaner thanks to more green spaces and trees!

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2. We have beaches, resorts, and hot springs

There's a lot of perks living near the beautiful beaches of Batangas, dozens of breathtaking resorts in Cavite and of course, the relaxing and private hot springs in Laguna!

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3. There's a greater sense of security

We have hundreds of gated communities. I mean, have you ever seen a village within a village? Only in the South. Oh, and did I mention that most high schools are inside these villages?

4. Quick access to nature and the big city

Tired of the busy city life? Laguna's home to a lot of beautiful nature parks and attractions! Feeling the need to party? Makati is one UV Express away! This is why we love the South!

A photo posted by @places_that_give on

5. We have stars

Yep, we have 'em. Especially in the Extreme South where there are less light pollution. Stargazing time!

6. We still use bikes

A lot of Southies still use the bicycle for a lot of purposes, especially when inside villages. We don't have to worry about getting hit by a car!

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7. People are more chill

Seeing people wearing shorts and slippers in the mall is normal. We even sometimes wear rubber shoes or walking shoes to work and change afterwards. And we tend to be more patient (we're pretty used to the commuting-stress life everyday).

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8. Cozy coffee shops and uncrowded food stops

Due to the South being a suburban paradise, a lot of coffee shops and food joints require a bit of traversing. But it's definitely worth it.

9. We're culturally blessed too

Sure there are a lot of places to visit in Manila and the whole North, but the South is definitely not lacking. Rizal Shrine in Calamba, Bamboo Organ in Las Pinas, Aguinaldo and Bonifacio Shrine in Cavite, Japanese Garden along Lake Caliraya, and so much more!

A photo posted by jameson (@wanderographer) on

10. No matter where you live, you'll always find yourself wanting to go back to the South

The South will always have a special place in your heart.

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*Photos are credited to the wonderful owners. You guys are awesome.

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