Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Evia: The next big thing in Las Piñas

Evia Lifestyle Center is an upscale commercial center located along Daang Hari Road. It's the perfect hangout on a lazy Sunday afternoon, with its beautiful outdoor scenery and famous shops and restaurants. Evia suits every yuppies' taste, especially with its relaxing environment and stylish coffee shops.

Beautiful open center inside an air-conditioned glass dome 

New shops such as Uniqlo and Mango (Oct 2, 2017)

Breathtaking view of Evia's fountain and its European-styled architecture

More European-styled architecture inside, Mama Lou's and TGIF

Relaxing outdoors, Burger King and Shakey's

Overall, we think Evia is one of the must visit places in the South. Who would've thought a beautiful commercial paradise was hidden in Las Piñas? Even though Evia's still developing as more shops are to open soon, there are still plenty of choices available. Not to mention the picturesque scenery and architecture the place has to offer! Better visit this hidden gem soon before everybody else does!

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