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Top 5 Alabang-Las Piñas to Manila buses (with matrix included)

When it comes to commuting from Manila to Las Pinas or Alabang, riding buses seem to be the most popular choice among commuters. But not all buses are the same, and almost everyone has their own fair share of bus-commuting experiences.

So we made a list of buses to pick and compared each and everyone of them, for convenience.
*Note that the buses we listed are based from our experience, so feel free to share your own!

1. Tas Trans : Fast and Furious

Behold, the king of the buses. Tas Trans, without a doubt, tops our list of being the fastest and most convenient bus in the South. The same goes for Bensan and San Agustin. We couldn't stress enough the amount of times Tas Trans had saved us from being late to school.

Facebook photo by Tas Trans Corp.

2. Erjohn and Almark : Automated tickets ftw

Most students would agree that Erjon and Almark buses are more spacious and comfortable compared to their bus counterparts. Some of these buses also have "high-tech" ticketing machine, unlike the usual de papel-ipit sa upuan tickets. Sadly for other Southies, Erjohn and Almark now only operates to and from Cavite. You will be missed.

Facebook photo by Erjohn and Almark

3. Funride Transport Corp. : Your average joe

Formerly called as WLLH and WLH and Maggi liner, Funride is best known as the "gateway to SM Southmall", due to its terminal being, well, in SM Southmall. Although the bus is slightly dirtier compared to other leading buses, Funride still makes it to the third spot due to its convenience and sheer number of available buses.

Facebook photo by Bus Enthusiast Association of the Philippines

4. Igan : Mr. Congeniality

Aka the "friendliest bus of the South", Igan ensures that almost everyone rides their bus before entering the Cavitex. Their seats are not recommended for tall people due to the buses' limited leg space. They're quite dirty as well, considering the amount of infamous stories we've heard from fellow commuters. But some still find Igan as an okay bus, not the best though.

Facebook photo by Christopher Forton

5. Reinalyn : Reyna ng Lawton

Without a doubt, Reinalyn trips are best fitted to people who don't go down at ATC. Being one of the buses which operates to and from Lawton, most people would find Reinalyn convenient and a smart choice. However, most of the buses we rode are either untidy and slow; especially in Coastal. We've experienced having to wait for two red lights before the bus finally decided to move. There were also a few cases of snatching and holdup stories, but it's not limited to Reinalyn buses. Overall, it's always best to be careful and be wary of your belongings regardless of the bus.

Facebook photo by Reinalyn Bus Lines Corp.
This is v important, take note:

What's your favorite bus to ride? Tell us below and share your experience! And don't forget to like our Facebook page!


  1. HAHHAHAHAA memories!

    1. Definitely! Which one was your favorite?

    2. Erjohn and Almark because of their foot rest. LOLLLL

  2. IMO Reinalyn was fast

    1. Thanks for your honest opinion, but we had several 3 hour trips on that bus...

    2. There was never a time Reinalyn was slow in my experience. Besides from them always overtaking other buses in Alabang-Zapote Road and in Coastal Road, it's very rare they stop at almost every corner calling for passengers.

  3. HAHA! True! I remember crossing the street back in Taft when a Tas Trans bus suddenly passed by us! Muntik na mabangga levels! Then I said "Grabe ang bilis!" then my friend said, "Oo nga eh, well expected naman kasi Tas Trans..." HAHA! Good old College days. Thanks South Yuppies for this!!!

  4. I only rode Tas Trans

  5. Actually I like riding Reinalyn buses since it's also fast. and Igan buses are the only ones who passes by CCP, which is convenient because traffic is sometimes lighter there compared to Buendia.

  6. Reinalyn or Tas Trans/Bensan/San Agustin/that green Mickey-mouse themed Mickey Mouse bus!

    These are my choices whenever I don't want to be late to class. The buses to ride when "You have no other choice" are actually: Arabia Boy Express or ATSC. These usually have the dirtiest/oldest buses in operation - they're also really slow!

  7. Yung ATSC.... wag na wag sasakyan pag maagang maaga....bawat tao sa tabi ng kalsada hinihintuan kahit di sasakay.... King ina nalate tuloy ako ng isang oras

  8. RIP Arabia boy express & air-continous bus na dumadaan s alabang zapote road(mga 2008 ata meron pa nun)

  9. You should also add that Reinalyn is the only convenient ride to and from Festival Mall.

  10. I agree with your description for Tas Trans! I seldom arrive to school late whenever I get to ride in one. :D

  11. My ranking is

    1. TAS trans - very fast and spacious. Some buses have their terminal at Alabang South Station
    2. Reinalyn - advantage when going to baclaran to lawton area early in the morning and going home late as it passes marcos alvarez. Terminal is at Festival Mall.
    3. WLLH - pwede na pag no choice, also passes at Marcos Alcarez
    4. Igan - when Tas trans is not available at Alabang South Station
    5. Others (ATSC,etc) - I don't ride unless no choice or it's too late already (11:30pm-12:30am) when going home.

  12. Tas Trans FTW! =)

  13. saan fare matrix

  14. Would you guys know until anong time yung pinaka late na byahe ng mga bus going to Las Pinas? mga 11-12 midnight kung may byahe pa na pauwe ng las pinas? I'll be coming from EDSA and hindi ako sure kung may masasakyan pa kaya pauwe non kahit sa Baclaran or infront of San Juan De Dios/Toyota na bus? Thank you! :)

    1. or kaya naman, kung may nakaka alam until what time yung mga Van sa Mall of Asia Terminal na pauwe ng Las Pinas? Pa help naman po since madalas po sa work, 11-12 midnight po yung uwi ko. mid-shift po kasi. worried lang ako kung paano ako uuwe/may masasakyan pa ba ako ng mga ganon oras. First work ko po kasi. Thank you! :)

  15. Worst experience ko as a passenger yung Arabia Boy Bus. They are not stop dun sa tamang loading and unloading point. Twice it happen to me and today morning is the recent one. Byahe ako papuntang Taft, dapat maguunload sila ng pasahero sa tapat ng PCU pero ang ginawa nila nagdirederecho sila ng pumara ako, bawal daw magbaba dun. Ibinaba nila ako sa tapat ng PGH kung san bawal magbaba. When I asked them bakit hindi sila huminto, ok lang daw un, maglakad na lang daw ako pabalik, para lang daw ako nag jogging. I don't even know them kung joke yun but I don't think it's right... Instead of humingi ng paumanhin, they bullying their passengers. Nagbabayad ka naman ng tama sa kanila. at dahil nasa "no loading and unloading zone" sila, hindi ka pa nakakababa umaandar na sila.



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