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10 reasons why living in the South is better than the North

1. Air is cleaner

You don't have to worry about inhaling those dusty Manila smog. Air in the South is much more cleaner thanks to more green spaces and trees!

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2. We have beaches, resorts, and hot springs

There's a lot of perks living near the beautiful beaches of Batangas, dozens of breathtaking resorts in Cavite and of course, the relaxing and private hot springs in Laguna!

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3. There's a greater sense of security

We have hundreds of gated communities. I mean, have you ever seen a village within a village? Only in the South. Oh, and did I mention that most high schools are inside these villages?

4. Quick access to nature and the big city

Tired of the busy city life? Laguna's home to a lot of beautiful nature parks and attractions! Feeling the need to party? Makati is one UV Express away! This is why we love the South!

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5. We have stars

Yep, we have 'em. Especially in the Extreme South where there are less light pollution. Stargazing time!

6. We still use bikes

A lot of Southies still use the bicycle for a lot of purposes, especially when inside villages. We don't have to worry about getting hit by a car!

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7. People are more chill

Seeing people wearing shorts and slippers in the mall is normal. We even sometimes wear rubber shoes or walking shoes to work and change afterwards. And we tend to be more patient (we're pretty used to the commuting-stress life everyday).

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8. Cozy coffee shops and uncrowded food stops

Due to the South being a suburban paradise, a lot of coffee shops and food joints require a bit of traversing. But it's definitely worth it.

9. We're culturally blessed too

Sure there are a lot of places to visit in Manila and the whole North, but the South is definitely not lacking. Rizal Shrine in Calamba, Bamboo Organ in Las Pinas, Aguinaldo and Bonifacio Shrine in Cavite, Japanese Garden along Lake Caliraya, and so much more!

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10. No matter where you live, you'll always find yourself wanting to go back to the South

The South will always have a special place in your heart.

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  1. Very true! Especially #10! I live in Makati now but I'm from Laguna (Calamba), and even though people still consider Makati as part of the South, for me it's very very different! Cheers to this article, South Yuppies!

  2. I'm from Marikina, (def a northie), and kinda want to point out nos. 1,3,4,5,6,7,& 8.
    1) there are areas here in Marikina/San Mateo/Antipolo/QC which still have a lot of trees and fresh air
    2) we've got to hand it over to the southies. We're not near any shore.
    3) there are also some exclusive villages up north (e.g. timberland, loyola, etc.)
    4) pretty obvious tho
    5) again, pretty much argument no. 1
    6) we bike too!
    7) i see people in town (up town) and trinoma wearing the same thing.
    8) lilac street is the place to go in lieu of crowded maginhawa
    9 and 10 are subjective na

    1. We have the Version of Maginhawa in Novaliches Area (along kapipunan road). And QC still has the most number of trees amongst all citiies in NCR. I've worked in Sucap Pque area before. And traffic is soooo bad along Sucat road and it's the temp is bad hot there due to lack of frees

    2. Well QC is the largest Metro Manila city, so obviously you guys have the most number of trees no doubt.

      Marikina's main strength is its "walkability". Heard of (nearly) citywide uniform sidewalks (uniformly paved and uniform design and color)? Only in Marikina City.

      Pasig, like some parts of QC & Marikina, have green-painted bicycle lanes.

      Antipolo is the our nature retreat zone.


  3. The one who wrote this is clearly a millenial and based it on IG pics of the south, no offense here but if you lived in the south area long enough you will know about the old NAPOCOR plant which use to emit a lot of dirty air and security, well talk about Vizconde Massacre in BF homes.

    1. Oh please, massacres happen in all parts of the country. Im not a millenial and I agree with this post. Dont cherry pic your facts

    2. 10 Reasons why living in the south ISNT better than the north.

      This is an argumentative reply to the post made by South Yuppies regarding why the south is better than the north. For preface, it is terribly offensive and naive for one to say that the south is superior to the north, because both sides are equal and there should not be a division among them. To add to this, if you truly want to go by statistics, then the north, at any given time, will destroy the south in just about any level of comparative. Let's bite the bullet and down ourselves to our pathetic level, just for the sake of a stupid, pointless, elevation war.
      1.) The air is definitely alot more cleaner in the north. The Northern Metro Manila area houses approximately 10x7^2 trees per square kilometer among the busiest, most condensed areas. Something that the south does not garner to, this isn't taking into mind the areas wherein trees are actually prevalent (Case in point is the Diliman and the Marikina Area.) We can more than assure you that the north is cleaner than the south. Wanna test it? Let's get an air sample from Alabang and Fairview then compare.
      2.) We have beaches, resort, and hot springs.
      Barely, yes. If you can even consider batangas as a part of south metro manila. What the author failed to consider is that bulacan, which houses numerous, if not uncountable myriads of waterparks and pool resorts are just an hour away from the north. Also, the beaches in Pangasinan and Clark Pampanga are lit af.
      3. There is definitely more security in the north. Gated communities are not what defines secure living, if not, it only defines the rich and priveleged are the only people able to live in the south. If you're poor, then south wont cater to you, unlike in the north. Gated communities aren't even safe. the BF Area which the south prides itself upon has become host to different security breaches (Vizconde massacre anyone?)
      4.) North has more access to nature. Balara Filters? La Mesa Eco Park? Marikina Banks? U.P Diliman Acres? Even the Quezon City circle. The North holds the highest concentration of nature reserves mind you. And if that isn't enough, the north provinces are only an hour away through C-5 NLEX.
      5. We have stars

      So do we. This is fucking stupid tbh. Spend a night under QC to realize what the fuck is your banter.

      6. We still use bikes

      I'm guessing you haven't been to Marikina? Valenzuela? Novaliches? Even in the Diliman Area alot of people use bikes.
      7. People are more chill

      yeah, we invented chill. Saying you're adapted to commuting makes you forget what we go through everyday as a population center. (2 hours nakapila palang? Pero chill parin kami)
      9. Culturally blessed.

      Do i even need to speak? I mean.. we have la mesa, which is a historical site. Novaliches which used to be a battle ground, The Quezon City Circle, 5 Museums, UP Diliman, Ateneo De Manila, All the shit you can think of. We are a fucking melting pot of culture. Also, kami nga pala ang capital Ng Philippines but you guys got butthurt and changed it.

      10. Fuck off egoistic mil

    3. You need to chill the fuck out. Dami mong time bro hahahaa

  4. This blog is comparing South to Manila, not North. Manila is not North. South is in reference to Manila. Pampanga, Tarlac, Ilocos, etc. are the Norths.

  5. Proud "TigaSouth" here!
    Kahit matrapik pauwi at papasók, South is still different and great.

  6. Could've been more specific to south metro manila and not mega where we inlcude the nearby provinces. Coz' if that's case then north would have the likes of tanay, taytay, antipolo, bulacan, bataan, pamp and zambales too.

    One thing I'd never exchange living in the north is our access to mass transportations thereby easing means of commute (all train lines goes up to the north QC, Caloocan, Marikina, Rizal, Bulacan), toll free roads and accesibility to top schools and universities. Don't get us started with food and culture, we've got lots to offer from maginhawa, lilac, la loma,south triangle, malabon and antipolo.


  8. Great food in North!��

  9. Don't forget about the waterfalls in Laguna. :)

    - Proud Lagunera

  10. Actually, Rizal is south. Calabarzon is south of Metro Manila :)

  11. Let's be more specific about Metro North and South. We'll in QC, we really don't need to go out of our city to have anadventure... Need to on nature tripping, we have La Mesa Ecopark, QC Memorial Cirle, Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife. QC still has the most number of trees amongs all cities.

    Wan't a piece of history? Well you can go to QC Monument, Tandang Sora Museum, Pugad Lawin Shrine and Edsa People Power Monument to name a fer.

    Food? Well we have Maginhawa, Katipunan Avenue Stretch, And Dozens of Malls (Trinoma,SM North Edsa, SM Fairview, SM Novaliches, Fairview Terraces and UP Town Center to name few.

    School? Oh well, we UP Diliman and Ateneo De Manila Baby

    1. Matagal naman nang nasa Manila and QC ang mga big 4 universities. It's the exact reason why people from the South go to Manila lol. Pero if merong branch ng UP, ADMU, and DLSU sa Las Pinas or Alabang, di nako aalis ng South!

      And please, obvious naman na part ng history ng Philippines ang Manila. So marami talagang pieces of history diyan. Manila has been our capital ever since (except nung naging Quezon pero bumalik sa Manila)

      No doubt, QC is a whole different world compared to us from the South. Sa sobrang layo, almost never kaming nakakaabot sa far north like fairview and the like.

  12. So many butthurt north peeps lol. Good job, South Yuppies!

  13. My parents and I used to live in north when I was a kid but we decided to move in to South and we never came back. I had an opportunity to work in RCBC plaza Makati and also at NAIA 5 years ago and decided to live with a friend who happened to have an apartment in the north since going back to South everyday is pretty much pain in the arse. But damned! given the situation I always feel tired whenever I go home for some reason.

    I pretty much agree with #7 (Chill) and #3 (Security) When I was in North I always set my mind to be alert 1000% and be aware of the people around me. Maybe that is one of the reason why I always feel tired when I get home since I cant put myself in peace if i'm outside. But here in South I can even sleep riding in public transportation. I'm not saying South is 100% crime free it's just I feel more safe here than in North.

    Now, I decided to live permanently in the South not to mention mortgage is a lot cheaper here compared to the North. And now working in Alabang which is just like a smaller version of Makati but way more than peaceful and secure in my opinion since you'll see a lot of marshalls roaming all over the place.

    I might be wrong but I guess I have right to say my opinion since I was able to experience living in both areas. So for the North peeps who never experience living in the South I guess it's pretty normal for you to defend yourselves but how would you say one is better if you have not experience living in the South?

    There's only one thing I could see North have an upperhand. Mas maraming malls and gimikan, bars and restaurants.

  14. The South sure does promise quite the peaceful kind of living. Perhaps, living in Lancaster New City in Cavite would definitely be a good idea.



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