Sunday, February 5, 2017

Laguna: Every Kid's Dream Destination

Photos by Splash Island Facebook Page & @dioooosa
Let's face it, when you were a kid on a trip down SLEX you’d always and only recognize Enchanted Kingdom and Splash Island. Those are the two iconic landmarks your little head will turn for on the long trip down South.

Who wouldn't gaze at the huge Ferris Wheel on the left then turning your head to the right to look for Splash Island just to get a glimpse of the slides? Nostalgic? Yes, and we're lucky enough to still have them around today.

Enchanted Kingdom: The Filipino’s Disneyland

Your childhood isn’t complete if you haven’t visited Enchanted Kingdom or more commonly known as EK. Located at Sta. Rosa Laguna, it was every child’s dream to visit the closest thing we had to Disneyland. The theme park opened in 1995 and has since brought smiles to not only children but also to teens and adults, it’s definitely a place for everyone.

You can’t help but think of happy thoughts when you are reminded of EK and always think of the last time you were there. From time to time, it is still worth visiting this exciting place as they always have something new to offer. They have expanded quite a bit from the previous years and added new rides along with their trademark attractions.

Splash Island: The Granddaddy of all pools

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Summer is not complete without swimming to cool off the blazing heat in Splash Island. It was the best destination everyone traveled to every summer vacation.  This sprawling water park located in Binan, Laguna is always crazy full during the months of April and May and a hot spot for team-buildings and company outings.

You’d be so giddy seeing the famous wave pool since Splash Island takes it into another level. As a kid, seeing all those pools, salbabidas, slides and a more pools makes your tiny self crazy hyper. Slides fear you at first, but then it gets addicting and hard to leave at days end. Indeed, summer was never complete without splashing through this amazing amusement park.


Having both been established in the 90’s, these amusement parks have stood the test of time yet we can’t help but question why there haven’t been new crazy parks that followed their suit. Sure there is Star City in Pasay, 8 waves in Bulacan, and Island Cove in Cavite. Nevertheless, both Enchanted Kingdom and Splash Island will always have a special place in our hearts.

What's your best childhood memory in these parks? Share them below! And don't forget to like our page!


  1. I will always love EK! Although Splash Island's changed a lot over the years. I went there last year and the feeling's not the same anymore </3 I hope they can improve their management and renovate some of their facilities.

  2. I remember my dad bringing me to EK for my 11th birthday. It was magical! Everyone looked happy and I swear, I forgot that I was in the Philippines! The rides looked big and scary, since I was just a little girl then. I remember having to close my eyes whenever the space shuttle goes through the loop! Kakamiss! Will definitely go there again :)


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